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6 Ways Wedding Planners Can Trim Wedding Decor Costs

Wedding decor is important but it can be very expensive. Help your bride by using these 6 tips for trimming decor costs.

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5 Tips For An Effective, Bride-Friendly Website

Brides look at your website to see if you plan the style of wedding they want and offer the services they need. Here are tips that will help you attract brides and get them to contact you.

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8 Tips for Getting and Using Great Testimonials For Your Wedding Planning Business

You need great testimonials from brides you have worked with to attract potential customers. Here are tips on how you can get them and best use them to market your business.

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5 Questions to Answer Before You Launch Your Wedding Planning Business

If you are considering starting your own wedding planning business, this article will help you discover what you need to do to launch successfully.

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5 Ways To Build Trust With Brides

Brides hire wedding planners whom they can trust. Here are 5 ways you can win that trust and get the clients you want.

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New Wedding Planners - 6 Things Every Blog Post Must Have

Here are 6 things your blog posts should include so you get brides reading, returning and recognizing you as a wedding planning expert.

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5 Ways To Be Safe While Running Your Wedding Business

You're going to be meeting new people and visiting new venues when you work as a wedding planner. Most people and situations are perfectly safe, but be prepared in case they are not.

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3 Tips That Will Help You Attract The Brides In Your Niche

Generic marketing messages won't attract the brides in your niche. Here are 3 tips that will help you get the attention of the brides you are looking for.

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4 Tips for Starting a One-Stop-Shop Wedding Planning Business

Read this if you're thinking of providing not only wedding planner services but also other services, such as wedding photography, wedding design, catering, and cake design and baking.

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DO's and DON'Ts of Planning Events for Free

You will get many requests asking you to plan events for free in exchange for publicity or access to a group's membership. Before you jump on any opportunity, you need review it carefully and be sure it would be valuable for you.

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